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Donnie Light Hi All, and welcome to my website. This site is mainly about writing, e-books, e-book readers,  and my novels, Dark Justice and Ripper’s Row.  Ripper’s Row was co-written with author Shawn Weaver.  I’m currently working on my second solo novel, another horror/thriller entitled “Jacko”.

On May 16th, 2011, I released a new “novelette” called “The Hotel California” at popular ebook outlets! Available at Amazon,  Barnes and Nobel, and Smashwords, soon to be released on Apple’s iBookstore, Kobo and Diesel. See the book’s page for more details, links and the cover image.

Dark Justice and Ripper’s Row are both available as paperbacks and as Kindle books.  (They are also available in other ebook formats.)

The sequel to “Ripper’s Row” is now in editing. We expect the book to be released in both print and ebook version by late summer, early fall of 2011. Keep an eye out for more on that.

I’m a big fan of ebooks, so I will also have information here concerning e-books and ebook reader devices which is a rapidly expanding topic. E-publishing and other topics concerning marketing and writing in general will also come up on a regular basis.
Please check it out and come back often. Look at my Blog Page to get the lastest on what is happening in my world.

Contact me at   –  donnie(dot)light(at)gmail(dot)com

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