Read Ebooks!

DJFRONTPAGE_mediumWelcome!  I am a writer, the author of one novel titled “Dark Justice.”  I have two other novels in the works right now, and hope to finish them soon. 

While it’s sometimes difficult to find time to write, I can always find time to read.  And when I read, I prefer to read ebooks as opposed to paper books.

I have not found too many downsides to reading ebooks.  I read on my Dell Axim Pocket PC.  I can hold it with one hand, turn the page with a tiny flick of one finger, and I can read it in the dark (more of a benefit to my sleeping wife).
I can also store dozens of books on my device, and it always remembers where I left off and brings me back to the right place.  I can also just tap the screen to look up a word, or to highlight a section of text, or to make notes in the virtual margins!  What’s not to like?

I have even bought an oversized battery pack for my device, so I can read for about two weeks on one charge. 
I can read various ebook formats on my device, like PDF, Mobi-Pocket, and MS Reader.  I can create my own ebooks, which allows me to read my own work so that I can make notes and edit without my computer.

The only downside I have noticed is in trying to read my device outdoors on bright days.  The screen is very reflective, and it is difficult to read in certain situations.  The only other downside is that I cannot always find the book I want to read in electronic format.  But that is also true in the reverse. 

All in all, about 75% of the books I read are ebooks.  I love the format and the benefits.  I would like to hear from you concerning your thoughts on ebooks, and why you do or do not read them.


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