60’s and 70’s Characters…

I have recently asked many of you to help me come up with a list of fictional characters from sixties and seventies pop music. Many of you have come through with a good list that I had not yet thought of – so thanks to you all!
I have satellite radio in my Jeep, so I listen to the 70’s channel a lot. When a Disco song comes on I switch to the 60’s! So those are my two favorite music channels. One day, while driving home from a weekend at the lake with my wife, I heard a song – I think it was “Joy to the World,” by Three Dog Night. Of course that song starts out with the lyrics; “Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was a good friend of mine… you know the rest (and if you don’t, you probably aren’t interested in the rest of this story!)
So I was thinking of how anyone ever came up with those lyrics, and if they made any sense at all beyond the literal meaning. I personally figured they were drug-induced.
So then I heard a lates 60’s song – “The Mighty Quinn” by Manfred Mann. In this song, everyone’s waiting for “Quinn the Eskimo” and when he gets here, “everybody’s gonna jump for joy.”
That got my mind going, and trying to think of other 60’s and 70’s music-generated fictional characters. My wife and I thought of quite a list by the time we got home.
While we were thinking and listening, I came up with a story idea that I’d like to try out. That’s the reason I was asking contributions to the list – to come up with characters who when you mention their name, you immediately know where that name (character) came from. Below is a list of the names we have all come up with so far…

Little Willy, Elvira, Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown, The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo), Lady MaDonna, Bobby McGee, Junk Food Junkie, Black Betty, Cracklin’ Rosie, Polk Salad Annie, Black Water Hattie, Mustang Sally, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Sweet Caroline, Billy Joe McAllister, A dog named “Boo”, The Candyman, The Eggman, The Walrus, Seargent Pepper, Rubber-Band man, Superfly, Shaft, The Streak, Lucy in the Sky, Rocketman, Major Tom, Soul Man, Jazzman, Venus, Proud Mary, Maggie May, Mr. Bojangles, Layla, Rockin’ Robin, Brandy, Johnny B. Good, Honky Cat, Jean Genie, Delta Dawn, Guitar Man, Guitarzan, Me and Julio, Levon, Ramblin Man
Cisco Kid, Brother Louie, Long Tall Sally (1950’s), Hey Jude, Sloopy (my girl Sloopy),Sister Golden Hair, Willie and the Poor Boys, Jackie Blue, Lola, Midnight Rider, Wolfman, Rikki (don’t lose that number), Jolene, Lady Marmalade, Killer Queen, Bertha Butt, Poetry Man, Fernando, Mamma Mia, Magic Man, Disco Duck (Ahem…) Kid Charlemagne, Lorelei, Dancing Queen, Sir Duke, Handy Man, Lucille, Christine Sixteen, Dr. Love .

If anyone can add to this, I would appreciate it. Just leave a comment on this page, or e-mail me at donnie(dot)light(at)gmail.com. Or you can tweet or comment on FB!


3 Responses to “60’s and 70’s Characters…”

  1. Steve Carroll Says:

    Rhiannon, Sara, Oh Jeanie, Suzy Q, Lorelei, Janie got a gun, Goodbye Norma Jean, Think of Laura, Billie Jean,Betty Davis eyes

  2. Kel Says:

    Hey -thought of some more – don’t know if you have these…
    The Mighty Quinn
    The Gambler
    The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA (yuck)
    Hot Child in the City (may be 80′)
    Mr. Big Stuff
    JAckie Blue
    Junk Food Junkie
    Jim Dandy
    Billy – Don’t be a Hero
    Michael…I gotta a ncikle…and Cindy from the same bad song
    The Girl from Ipanema
    The Man in My Little Girl’s Life (an old Michael Douglas song)…remember him?
    Bennie and the Jets
    Piano Man
    Voodoo Child
    White Rabbit
    Old Man – by Neil Young
    Killer Queen
    Claire – Giolbert O’ Sullivan
    Lucretia McEvil
    Rhinestone Cowboy
    Please Mr. Postman
    Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
    One Tin Soldier
    Rosemary (Love Grows)
    Beach Baby
    Joey (Run Joey Run)
    Hot CHild in the City
    Rich Girl
    Long Cool Woman in the Black Dress
    Maggie May
    Chuck E..(Chuck E’s in Love)
    Daydream Believer
    Mr. Bojangles
    Rikki – Don’t Lose that Number
    Honey (yuck)
    Soldier Boy

    • Donnie Light Says:

      Man, there is a lot of 60’s and 70’s characters! I had some of those, but many of them I did not. I think this should now be the official list (as nobody else is doing it!)

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