Good Reads

This past week I have become aware of two websites that should be of great interest to up and coming writers.
The first one I want to write about, is called
Think of Goodreads as a facebook-like social networking site for book lovers. Readers, writers and others in the business should be visiting Goodreads. On this website, you can make friends and join groups, send messages and generally keep in touch with others – based on books.
Each user can stock his or her virtual “bookshelf” with the books they have read, (along with ratings and/or reviews) the book they are currently reading, and books they want to add to their “to be read” list.
If you are a published author they have an “author program” where you find your book, then add your profile so readers can get to know you. Even if you are self-published and your book is not in their database, you can manually add your book and then complete the profile. The “Authors Program” page says that Ebook authors and POD authors are also welcome to join and add their work.
I have not had much time to spend on Goodreads yet, but I can assure you that I will. I’ll be adding my own novel to their database and completing a profile – perhaps even give away a few copies (you can do that on Goodreads as well.)
It looks like a pretty neat site and I think it’s a great idea. Kudos to the folks who put Goodreads together and I hope a lot of people ejnoy and join the site.


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