Book Radio

I’ve been a subscriber to Sirius Satellite Radio for several years. Last summer, Sirius bought out its competitor XM, and the companies were merged. The new company is called Sirius XM Radio.
Just recently, I was made aware of Sirius XM “Book Radio”.
The first time I heard about Book Radio, I wondered what kind of content could fill a radio channel 24/7 – that had to do with books. I imagined some book review programs, author interviews, perhaps some marketing news and information regarding books nearing release. I thought perhaps they would would talk about the craft of writing, and maybe even some genre-specific programming.
It became evident after the first several times I tuned in that Book Radio was mostly a playback of audio books.
Now I’ve been know to listen to an occasional audio book. And I’ve enjoyed most of those that I’ve listened to. But the radio broadcasting of audio books just doesn’t hit me right.
Audio books are for those long drives when you actually have time to listen for an extended period of time. Perhaps if you have a fairly long daily commute, audio books would help make the commute a little more tollerable.
But my driving habits are mostly of the short-hop variety, and no two days are ever on the same schedule. My 20 minute drive to the office is interrupted by my need to stop for a morning soft drink, or gas, or to return movies, or any number of errands.
However, if you do most of your driving at the same time each day, perhaps radio broadcasted audio books would work for you.
It seems that many of the programs broadcast on Book Radio are scheduled to run twice a day. Some programs are on a daily schedule, and others on a weekly schedule. The content is good quality audio books in a variety of genres read by some talented performers.
And Book Radio does offer some author interview programming of which I have found very interesting when I happen to be in my car when they were broadcast.
Book radio wouldn’t seem attractive on long trips either, as the programming slips into a 30 minute or 60 minute program length. So you would be hearing a short 30 or 60 minute segment of many stories for the duration of your trip. You would not get even one book finished. Doesn’t work for me, but maybe it will work for you.

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