Bishop Hill – Gathering of Authors

Hi All,
The “Gathering of Authors” event at Bishop Hill, Illinois is almost upon us. Weekend of October 24th and 25th, noon until 5 PM each day. Please take advantage of this event and come join in the fun at the historic village of Bishop Hill. Check out the Bishop Hill website for more details.
There will be many authors on hand for the event, signing copies of their books and being available to answer questions and take comments from readers. Among those in attendance this years will be;

J. A. Konrath – Author of the Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels thrillers. J.A.Konrath (Joe) also writes under the pen name “Jack Kilborn” and has recently released a novel titled “Afraid,” which I assure you, will make you very afraid if you read it. Check out J.A. Konrath’s website for more details.

Sylvia Shults – Author of both Horror and Romance novels, including “DreamWatcher,” (horror) and “Timeless Embrace” (romance) among many others. Take time to check out Sylvia’s website and look around for yourself. Several on my TBR list. Free Novella and short stories for those who dare…

Lawrence Santoro, author of “North of Nowhere” will be attending the event as well. Check out this Lawrence Santoro’s blog for more information on his work.

Lilli Setterdahl, author of “Maiden of the Titanic.” Check out Lilli’s website for more.

Donna Bessera, author of the Twirly Shirley series of children’s books.

Also in attendance this year;
David M. Youngquist is the author of various Ghost stories, including Ghosts of the Illinois Canal System.
Marc Wilson, author of “Hero Street.”
Ray Paul, author of “Shards.”
Tom Steele, author of “The Pied Piper of Sweden”
Monica Morris, Author of “Rory’s Song.”
George Olsen, author of “The Elemental Prairie.”
K.S. Krueger, Author of “Traegonia, The Sunbow Prophecy.”