Kindle Readers – Dark Justice

Dark Justice for KindleFor you Kindle readers, Dark Justice is now available at the Kindle Store.
Click here for the link.
Even if you don’t have a Kindle, visit the Kindle store to download the free “Kindle for PC” application that allows you read Kindle content on your PC. You can also download free samples of most Kindle books to get a better idea of what’s inside. There is also an iPhone or iPod Touch app that allows you to read Kindle content as well.
Check it all out at the Kindle Store!


3 Responses to “Kindle Readers – Dark Justice”

  1. malofieonline Says:

    I was on the fence for months before I finally decided to order my Kindle 2. I had been reading such mixed reviews about the device and about Amazon’s customer service that I simply could not decide about the purchase. This review is for all of those people, like me, that cannot decide if they need a Kindle 2 for themselves. Well, struggle with the decision no more and ORDER IT! I am so happy with my Kindle 2 and I look forward to reading it every single day. All of the problems that I was worried about are not problems at all. Downloading books is easy, the screen is NOT too dark, the font size is adjustable and the Kindle customer service support is terrific. I had a problem with my Kindle 2 and I was instantly connected with the most helpful representative. I did not have to wait on hold and the problem was solved in no time. I have made the highest recommendations of the Kindle 2 to my friends and family and will continue to do so in the future. I can say with absolute confidence, if you order your own Kindle 2 you will not be disappointed!!!

  2. pamelamary Says:

    Hello Donnie,

    Saw your book and downloaded it. Looks good! I just got my novel on Amazon. Here’s the link, if you are interested. I also have a blog on wordpress.

    Will give you a review as soon as I finish your novel.

    Best Wishes for you and your novel.


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