I’m iPod Touched


iPod Touch

I recently became the proud owner of an iPod Touch.  You know, of the iPod family from Apple?  Those little gizmos that play MP3 music files?  Yeah, that’s the one. I don’t listen to much music, and when I do it’s usually satellite radio.
So it was only about 3 months ago that I got my very first MP3 player.  Heck, my sons have put more than a few MP3 players through the washing machine, and here I am getting my first one.
The whole reason I bought it was to listen to Podcast audio books.  And I did listen to a few books, and I enjoyed the experience.  That little MP3 player kept me entertained on a few long and lonely drives.
But then, just a couple of weeks ago, I stepped up a level and got a new device that would play MP3 files – and a whole lot more.
Enter my iPod Touch.  A friend has one, and gave me the iPod Touch tour.  I was impressed.  I got one a couple of days later.  Now I’m out evangelizing about them.
It’s a Wi-Fi enabled computing device.  While in a wi-fi hotspot, I can go online and check my Facebook account, my Twitter account, my personal e-mail and a dozen other things.
I have downloaded some free “Apps” that allow me to check the weather, have my favorite blogs sent to my iPod, track my daily expenses, see what’s on TV tonight, and a bunch of other cool things.
Now for my favorite part – the ebook readers.  I have downloaded the Kindle app from Amazon that allows me to read Kindle content on my iPod Touch.  Clean, crisp, and responsive.  Highly customizable to fit my reading preferences.  I can hold it in one hand and turn the “page” by simply touching the screen.  I can set the font size, and even choose between three screen/font color combos as I prefer.  And the coolest thing – I can shop the Amazon Kindle Store and download free samples of any Kindle book.  Then, if I like the sample and want the entire book, it’s simply one click and about 30 seconds away.  Clean and simple.
I have also downloaded the Barnes & Noble eReader app, which provides a similar reader program, and allows me to shop their ebook offerings as well.  Very cool.
So aside from being very quick and handy for checking all my online sites and e-mail, it also a premium eReader device.
Oh yeah, it can play music too…


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