TEETH by Timothy James Dean

The Bite done Right!

Teeth by Timothy James Dean


I just finished the novel TEETH by Timothy James Dean and was absolutely overwhelmed by the scope of this story. “Epic” may be too small a word to describe the adventure of a small party of military personnel sent on a rescue mission to the island’s interior during World War 2.
Things go terribly wrong as the mission gets underway, and the small team find themselves stranded among hostile enemy forces. Their initial escape only leads them to even more formidable foes, which include the island’s cannibal and headhunter tribes. But most intimidating of all, is “The Father,” a saltwater crocodile of immense size. The team encounters the Father many times as they follow the great river to the coast, where they hope to be rescued.
The author does an absolutely incredible job with every aspect of this book. The characters are so realistic that you will miss them when the story ends! His first-hand knowledge of the island and its inhabitants lend a level of realism rarely achieved in a novel. His descriptions are cinematic, and the action is fast. His treatment of the primary foe, the “Father,” is visceral and engaging, revealing in a very unique way the thoughts and motivations of the great beast in shocking detail.
This adventure tale reveals much about the honorable men involved, on all sides of this conflict. Perceived enemies can become allies when the common goal is survival. A love story also unfolds under the harsh reality of the world at war, and friendships are forged under the most demanding of circumstances.
My hat is off to Timothy James Dean, and I thank him here publicly for bringing this incredible story to the world. This book now ranks among my very favorites of all time, and I look forward to more from this gifted author.

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