Ripper’s Row is Coming Soon!

Ripper’s Row  is a novella that I have co-written with author Shawn Weaver (Sense of Honor and Dragon’s Chest).  Shawn and I met last spring at a local book signing, and shortly thereafter had dinner together.  We discussed writing, publishing and marketing, and then hit on the idea of co-writing a short story.  Our intention was to write a short story and give it away as an ebook just to generate a little buzz and introduce us both to new readers.

We then kicked around some ideas through email, and eventually came up with a storyline that we both liked.  We got started, and within a short time, we were both in love with the story and realized it was going well beyond the short-story range in word count.

A couple of months later, we had a first draft of a novella that we titled “Ripper’s Row.”
Since that first draft was finished, we have both been working on editing and refining the story.  I’m happy to say that the final polish is being done now, and the novella is expected to be released around Halloween of 2010!  Just a few days away as of this writing.

I’m very excited about Ripper’s Row, and hope you will take a minute to click the links and check it out. If you like fast-paced scary thrillers – especially ones with unlikely heroes – the Ripper’s Row should be right up your alley.

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