I work for a large company as an IT specialist.  I am married with two grown kids.  I live near Davis Junction, IL with my wonderful wife, Barbara, and a fat male cat named Hedgie.

I have written a novel called Dark Justice.  I am working on another adult novel, as well as a novel for younger readers.  This Blog will generally be about my adventures in trying to get published, and all of the details involved in getting there.  

When I’m not working my day job, (very rare lately) and if the weather is above freezing, then chances are you will find Barb and I at our Houseboat on Lake Shelbyville in central Illinois.  The houseboat is named the “Tuff Guppy” and we enjoy anchoring in a secluded cove and using the fishing boat to run around the lake chasing various species of fish.  Sometimes we get lucky and put a few in the livewell.  If not, there is a SubWay sandwich shop at the marina (thank God!)

Contact me at   —  donnie(dot)light(at)gmail(dot)com

Tuff Guppy

Tuff Guppy

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Julaine Lofquist-Birch Says:

    Hello! Interesting to have found what you’re doing these days…I know it’s been many years since Jeff and I have been in contact with you.

    Congratulations on your novel and I wish you all the best – please don’t ever stop writing. Those creative gifts are definately meant to be shared!

    I found your site through one of the boys’ FB page…


    • Donnie Light Says:

      Hi Julaine!
      So nice to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words!
      Currently working on the next book. Hope all is well on your end. Thanks for stopping by!

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