My Books

Listed below are my current titles, brief descriptions and links to retailers. Click on any book cover or title to get specific details on that particular title.

Dark Justice – My first novel. Available as eBook or paperback on Amazon.

Dark Justice is a Paranormal Thriller. A fast-paced action story about two men on the run, separated in time by almost 200 years. Their stories intertwine around a paranormal element; a otherworldly killing machine who will not stop until its mission is complete. The modern hero, a firefighter and paramedic, along with his newly-discovered love interest, try to unravel the clues surrounding a local legend that could set them free. There’s no time to eat, no time to sleep…the Eater of Hearts is coming…

Hotel CaliforniaThe Hotel California – is a novelette-length story based on the popular rock song by the same title. It’s available in eBook format only on Amazon.

The Hotel California tells the story of a rock star who has recently become numb to his hectic life in a popular band. He has everything he wants, but feels that something is missing. While driving down a dark desert highway, he decides to stop for the night at the Hotel California. His life will never be the same.




Ripper's RowRipper’s Row – Book One in The Ripper Trilogy.
Co-written with author Shawn Weaver. Available in eBook and paperback on
Ripper’s Row is an alternate telling of the known facts surrounding the infamous “Jack the Ripper.” In our story, the women that were killed by the Ripper were actually vampire consorts, and Jack is killing them in an attempt to draw out the Master Vampire they serve. Lots of traditional vampire lore in this story, as Jack the Ripper becomes a vampire hunter on a mission that cannot fail.

Ripper's RevengeRipper’s Revenge – Book Two in The Ripper Trilogy.
Co-written with author Shawn Weaver. Available in eBook and paperback on Amazon.

Ripper’s Revenge continues the adventure of “Jack the Ripper,” AKA Jack Morrow as we learn in this book. Jack leaves Victorian London for America in pursuit of his prey – which must not escape him. Vampire-fighting action abounds as Jack makes his way from New York to New Orleans, only to discover the Master Vampire he hunts is being protected by the reigning Voodoo Queen. 




Wrath CoverRipper’s Wrath – Book Three in The Ripper Trilogy.
Co-written with author Shawn Weaver. Available in eBook and paperback on Amazon.

Ripper’s Wrath finds Jack and company in New Orleans, when they discover that the Master Vampire William Carpenter has very powerful allies. The group is sought by a powerful Vampire Elder and his clan who plan to avenge the destruction of their leader.
Helen must use all of her psychic abilities to help protect the group from the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans while Jack uses his blades to fend off dangerous vampire attacks while they try to escape to Memphis.



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