Ripper’s Revenge

Ripper’s Revenge – Halloween 2011 Release!

Ripper’s Revenge was released yesterday as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and!

Buy it for Kindle! – $2.99

Buy it for Nook! – $2.99

Other formats at! – $2.99

After Jack Morrow boards a steamship to America, the gruesome murders attributed to “Jack the Ripper,” stop as suddenly as they started.

Jack is in pursuit of a cunning and dangerous Master Vampire who he has battled before. With his trusted friend, Helena, a gifted physic and practitioner of white magic, they meet the legendary sleuth and partner of Sherlock Holmes, Doctor John Watson. Together, the trio lands in New York City and encounters far more than they expected.

Bent on revenge, the Ripper follows the Vampire’s trail to the dark streets and mansions of New Orleans, where the reigning Voodoo Queen and her followers protect the Master Vampire as a trusted ally to their dark secrets and way of life.

Zombies, vampires and dark magic await the Ripper. Even with powerful friends at his side, he does not know if he will survive the days ahead. With Revenge powering him on, Jack the Ripper sweeps onto the dark streets of New Orleans with his razor in hand. He will slash his way through any opponent until his mission to free a soul held in purgatory is complete.

The Inside Story on Ripper’s Revenge:

I met Shawn Weaver at a local author event in the spring of 2010, along with Sci-Fi writer Ted Iverson.  At that time, we had all just published our first novels and decided to get together for dinner to talk about our experiences.

At that dinner, Shawn and I spoke of a collaboration project. The idea was to write a short story together, and give away copies as ebooks on our websites. After a few more discussions, we came up with an idea – a story about Jack the Ripper battling Vampires in London. That idea became the genesis of “Ripper’s Row,” and after writing the first few scenes, we were both in love with the story and the characters, and that short story turned into a novella.

Before we finished the story, we knew that there was much more to tell about our unlikely hero and that the story would have to go on. At that point, we planned to finish the initial story, then do a sequel, and eventually make the story into a 3-part trilogy.

Ripper’s Row was published on Halloween of 2010, and met with many favorable reviews. After the flurry of activity after it was published, we started working on Ripper’s Revenge in January of 2011.

Shawn is a very creative guy, and had some ideas surrounding a vampire who appears as a little girl in the story. He also had some thoughts about challenging Jack the Ripper with a horde of zombies before he could deal with the Master Vampire who he desperately sought.

Things fell into place, and we came up with a story line that would bring Jack to America with his friend Helena (who is also his mentor, of sorts). Along the way they would meet the legendary Doctor John Watson, partner of the famous Sherlock Holmes. The trio would be pitted against zombies, vampires and a Voodoo Queen in New Orleans.

I had great fun writing this book, and invite you to read it and find out how it all turns out. New Orleans in 1888, a mansion on the edge of a swamp, inhabited by the Voodoo Queen and her zombie army, made up of long lost Civil War verterans who are in large part controlled by a vampire in the body of a nine-year-old girl named Becca Ray Todd.

What horror reader can resist such a story?

If you haven’t read Ripper’s Row yet, check it out. However, Ripper’s Revenge stands up as a story of its own, and leaves room for an exciting third book that we will be working on soon.

Keep your eyes on this website for the release date of Ripper’s Revenge, or find either Shawn Weaver or myself on Facebook for the latest news on the continuing adventures of Jack Morrow, AKA Jack the Ripper.


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  1. Jack The Ripper Tour Says:

    well it wasnt uncommon to kill prostitutes back then so maybe saucy jack wasnt as bad as you think.

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