Ripper’s Row

by Donnie Light and Shawn Weaver

Experience the terror like never before!!!!!!

In the fall of 1888, Jack the Ripper cut a swath of blood and terror through the streets of London, in an area known as Whitechaple. The papers called him a monster for attacking innocent women in the night. But if the world only knew the truth behind Jack’s monstrous acts, they would think differently. Jack was a madman, yes, but a madman on a mission to save the world from the foul creatures of the night. Creatures that haunted his soul, tortured his existence, and made every minute of his life a living hell.

Only Jack the Ripper could save the unsuspecting masses from the vampires that ruled the streets of Whitechaple after dark. Only he could strike down the dangerous Master Vampire William Carpenter—or die in the attempt.

Follow the infamous “Jack the Ripper” through a harrowing adventure to take back the streets of Victorian London, and reclaim the honor of a love lost to darkness.

October 31, 2010 – Ripper’s Row has now gone live on several ebook platforms, and more are coming soon!  Click the links below to get to the ebook retailer of your choice.  Also, the paperback version will be available on Amazon and other print retailers on or about November 3rd, 2010.

BUY it for Kindle – $0.99 BUY it for Nook – $0.99 Buy for various devices at!


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