Ripper’s Wrath

Wrath Cover

Ripper’s Wrath

Book Description:
After destroying William Carpenter, the Master Vampire he followed from London to America, Jack Morrow, also known as Jack the Ripper, finds that his foe had powerful allies in New Orleans who mean to avenge their fallen leader. He soon finds himself tangled in a dangerous web of vampires and Vodou cultists who will stop at nothing to kill Jack the Ripper and end the wrath he has brought upon them. 
Among the Ripper’s new enemies is a powerful vampire who appears as a nine-year-old southern girl, determined to avenge her fallen Sire. She calls upon Victor, a Vampire Elder and his devious clan to assist in killing Jack the Ripper, but Victor’s plan changes when he decides that the Ripper would make a powerful addition to his clan, and is determined to turn him from vampire hunter to deadly vampire slave. 
The vampires align themselves with the powerful Vodou Queen of New Orleans, who has plans of her own for Jack the Ripper, who has burned her mansion and disrupted her comfortable lifestyle in his attack on the vampires she harbors. 
Along with his mentor Helena, a powerful White Witch, and Dr. Watson, associate of the famous Sherlock Holmes, the trio must fight their way from New Orleans to Memphis. They are hounded every step along the way as Jack battles the growing army of vampires, while Helena challenges the Vodou Queen in a psychic battle that rattles the physical world. 
Can Jack survive the onslaught before him? Can he save the soul of his beloved Sarah and her sister Samantha as she unknowingly steps into the hands of Vodou Queen, Marie Laveau? 
Join the harrowing journey of Jack the Ripper as he cuts a swath through America, searching for salvation from the blood sucking hoards that hunt him and the mystical forces of Vodou that trap the souls of those he loves.

The Inside Story on Ripper’s Wrath:
After Publishing Ripper’s Revenge, Shawn Weaver and I discussed where the story should go for the final book in the trilogy. We had mixed thoughts about some of the characters, as we both had ideas for future books involving the same characters. Some had to die, but may someday appear in a prequel to the Ripper stories. (I truly hope so!)

The thing we agreed upon was that whatever happened to the characters, we would do what we thought best for the story.

So some of our favorite characters died in Ripper’s Wrath, but we believe we have a stronger, more compelling story that if we tried to preserve them. Some die with honor, some in disgrace, but that’s what makes a story…

While Ripper’s Wrath ends the trilogy, I have started a new Jack Morrow story in which some characters from the trilogy will find new adventures, new enemies, and new loves. After all, The Ripper Trilogy is really a love story disguised at a horror thriller…

Find either Shawn Weaver or Donnie Light on Facebook for the latest news on the continuing adventures of Jack Morrow, AKA Jack the Ripper.



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