The Hotel California

Hotel California

The Hotel California

(Novelette – 14,000 Words)
You’ve heard the song. Now experience the rest of the story-and never hear it the same way again.
Adam Moss is a famous rock star, driving across the Mojave desert on his way back to Los Angeles. When he stops at the Hotel California for the night, he discovers that he has entered a realm where nothing is as it seems.
When Adam meets Maria, a mysterious beauty, he decides to extend his stay by one night – a decision he will soon regret, as Adam finds himself a willing prisoner in a very bizarre place called the Hotel California.

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The Inside Story – I’ve listened to the classic Eagle’s song, “Hotel California” probably hundreds of time, if not thousands. I memorized the lyrics many years ago, and often sing along (when I’m alone!). I recently began thinking about this song, and what a great little horror story it tells. “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!”
I’m sure the writers wrote much of the song in metaphors, but I thought a literal interpretation of the song would make a great story that could be expanded upon, to tell all of the things that happened “between the lines” of the actual lyrics.
The result is a novelette called “The Hotel California.”
In this story, a rock star named Adam Moss gets frustrated with life while his band, “The Fast Lane” is playing a gig in Las Vegas. Adam decides to buy a sports car and drive to Los Angeles, just to get away.
He ends up tired, while on a dark desert highway in California, and decides to stop for the night. Okay, you know the rest of the lyrics, so now take a look at what lies between the lines…



2 Responses to “The Hotel California”

  1. Lydia Says:

    Where can I buy this book? I’m terribly in love with Eagle’s song and I NEED to know what happened to Adam there!

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